Hatton Garden is the fold in the map, one of London’s most mysterious and secretive streets, which has been home for two centuries to a deeply private working community of diamond and jewellery dealers. In Diamond Street, Rachel Lichtenstein uncovers their hidden world.

The Thames Estuary is one of the world's great deltas, providing passage in and out of London for millennia. It is silted up with the memories and artefacts of past voyages. It is the habitat for an astonishing range of wildlife. And for the people who live and work on the estuary, it is a way of life unlike any other - one most would not trade for anything, despites its many dangers.
Rachel Lichtenstein has travelled its length and breadth many times. Here she gathers these experiences in an extraordinary chorus of voices: mudlarkers and fishermen, radio pirates and champion racers, the men who risk their lives out on the water and the women who wait on the shore. Estuary is a thoughtful and intimate portrait of this profoundly British place, both the community and the environment, examining how each has shaped and continues to shape the other.

On Brick Lane is an unforgettable journey through the vanished past, the disappearing present and the emerging future of one of Britain’s most mythologized and misunderstood streets. Home to successive waves of immigrants, from eighteenth century Huguenot weavers to the Jewish refugeesof the 1880s to the late twentieth-century Bangladeshi community, Brick Lane is now one of the most fashionable and sought-after addresses in London.


In 1980 a remarkable discovery was made in the attic rooms above a disused synagogue in the former Jewish quarter of East London. An abandoned room was unlocked for the first time in twenty years, frozen in time, with everything more or less in its original state, even down to porridge on the stove and the imprint of a head on a pillow. Tucked inside books scattered around the room.