Eastbound: Hidden Histories (Christchurch Spitalfields, 2007) was a multi-media exhibition in the historic crypt of Hawksmoor’s iconic church, curated by Rachel Lichtenstein (in collaboration with Projects at Christ Church) which coincided with the launch of On Brick Lane (Hamish Hamilton, 2007). Lichtenstein invited some of the artists she celebrates in this book to share their own interpretations of Brick Lane and its many communities. 

Through the use of film, photography and sound, the work on show attempted to challenge preconceptions of East London whilst examining the shared experience of different communities in the area. Sanchita Islam showed a collection of images of Bengali elders. Photographer Daniele Lamarche’s black and white images reflected some of the many communities who have lived in the area. The disappearing world of the Jewish East End was revealed in Alan Dein’s extraordinary collection of Jewish shop fronts dating back to the 1980s. Iconic images by the Czech photographer Marketa Luskacova depicted the rapidly diminishing Brick Lane market. London Metropolitan University delved into their vast archive of images by the photographer Paul Trevor to show material never publicly seen before. Phil Maxwell and Hazuan Hashim screened their East End series films, with musical scores by Michael Nyman. Mohini Chandra’s soundscapel featuring recordings of flowing water and street sounds from Brick Lane, echoed through a disused office space and Rachel Lichtenstein’s short film, showing portraits and sound excerpts of people she interviewed for On Brick Lane, was projected onto the floor of the crypt.