Keeping Pace: older women of the East End was an exhibition and accompanying publication curated by Rachel Lichtenstein (Women's Library, 2003), which celebrated the lives of nine older local women from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds, through oral testimony, photography (including specially commissioned portraits by Lola Flash) and personal memorabilia.

The use of different media within the exhibition shows us the lives of these remarkable women in full. Their treasures are laid out in glass cabinets like jewels in the Tower of London. The thrust of Lichtenstein’s exhibition would suggest that instead of looking for gurus or life coaches, we should be seeking out the wisdom that is barely contained in this room. (New Statesman, 2003)

The exhibition challenged preconceptions with extraordinary accounts of these remarkable women lives. Including contributions from an eighty-year-old Yiddish actress, a Christian philanthropist, a grandmother who lives on an alternative commune and a Bangladeshi political activist. Complementing their spoken words was an eclectic mix of treasured possessions, making museum pieces of the everyday. The colour and texture of these belongings, together with Lola Flash's large scale portraits and intimate shots of the women's homes, provided a powerful visual accompaniment to their stories.